Ashleigh Reverie

Hi! I’m Ashleigh, Author of the series Almost Human. I’m a person of extremes and when I’m not spending my time dreaming up stories about genetically modified humans, you can usually find me either laying in my hammock eating my body weight in cheese, or kicking ass at my martial arts class and feeling the burn at the gym

Almost Human Book 1: Discovery Book Trailer

Almost Human: Discovery official book trailer.

Almost Human follows the lives of Edel, Jay, Danny, and Gemma. Four very different people from very different backgrounds, but each has their own set of problems and challenges to face, whether that be social, economic, spiritual, emotional, or something else entirely. Almost Human addresses all aspects of humanity, the good, the bad and the ugly, while also asking the reader to really examine ‘what makes us human?’

Edel is learning to accept her freedom. She is learning how to be human, and she is discovering all that this new way of life has to offer. Now she has choices, likes, dislikes, and opinions just like Danny. But just like Danny, Edel is keeping a secret…

Jay is distraught at the loss of his friend. Alone and hurting, he turns to alcohol to survive the sadness, but just as he begins to get his life together and move on, the unthinkable happens and all his plans are put on hold. Nursing Edel back to health is no easy task. She is far more damaged than she was when they first met. Will she ever recover?

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Upcoming releases

Return to Poly-Gen due for release December 2022

A short novella documenting what happened to Edel after she was captured by the HGMR, told in her own words.

Also look out for “A new Life in Stainton.” A short novella following what happened to Danny and Gemma after Edel’s capture. Release date TBC

Ashleigh Reverie

Deleted scenes, character interviews and more.

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