Almost Human Evolution

In hindsight, stabbing the only person in the world who could give him answers probably wasn’t Danny’s smartest move. When the haze clears and he can finally see sense again, his world has crumbled, and he is overcome with self-disgust at finally crossing that line and becoming a murderer. But his shame soon turns to fear when he learns he didn’t stab her as well as he thought.

Danny can’t believe his luck when Edel doesn’t act out in revenge. She wants what she’s always wanted: To be left ALONE. Just when it seems Danny’s hopes of ever finding the answers to his questions are disintegrating, an unlikely ally helps him to forge the friendship he has spent a lifetime craving.

With Danny and Jay’s help, Edel is learning to accept this new life of freedom and choices, and is slowly evolving from terrified and traumatised, to someone who resembles a normal, happy human. But her happiness is shadowed by a dark secret that threatens her life, and it seems Edel isn’t the only one hiding something.

Soon, Danny and Edel will both learn that mixing secrets with friendship can have devastating consequences.

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