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Edel won’t talk about what happened to her in those dark months she spent away from Jay. Jay knows her past trauma torments her each night, and he has tried to get her to open up, but no matter how many chances he gives her, Edel will never talk about it. When Jay can’t bear to see her suffer any longer, he comes up with the perfect solution. What if she could write it all down? What if she could confide all her horrors in a notebook and let her feelings out on the page? Would she find some relief from this never-ending nightmare? Would she finally experience a sense of closure?

Jay gives Edel the perfect gift. A simple notebook and pen, and a solemn promise of confidentiality. He won’t read it unless she asks him to.

Edel wishes she could confide in Jay, but that just isn’t possible. She isn’t ready yet. So instead, she pours all her pain and suffering into the pages. Here’s her account of what happened to her, from her capture to her escape, told in her own words.

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