Top indie reads of 2021

Being an indie author means I’m a big advocate for other self-published authors. Last year I read a lot of books by indie authors, and I’d like to give a shout out to my top five reads from last year, by authors like me who are just beginning in their journey.

  • 1: The Dreaming by Amanda Sheridan. This is actually a sequel to a book called Rapid Eye Movement, which also made my top five this year!

  • 2: Hollow: Into the Veil Part One by Sommer Rae, a lovely well written fantasy novel.

  • 3: Tivadar’s House by Seana Kee. This was something different and unusual, and it was so cleverly put together. I’m looking out for the sequel.

  • 4: The Zoolinguist: A Humorous Crime Fantasy by S. A. Adams. This one was really out there. I’ve no idea what made me pick it up to read in the first place but I am so glad I did. It’s definitely original and funny, and thoroughly entertaining.

  • 5: Rapid Eye Movement by Amanda Sheridan. The book that came before my top read of 2021, following two women who are dreaming each others lives. very original, very clever, and an excellent story.

I’ve already started my 2022 reading journey and I can’t wait to share more gems with you.

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