Character Personality Tests – Edel

People use personality tests all the time, from dating sites to job recruiters.

Whether you subscribe to the idea that a simple questionnaire can pin down your personality type or not, you can’t deny it can be fun to answer the questions. Even more fun, is getting the characters from my books to answer them!

I found a free personality test online at Then, I sat Edel in the hot seat and had her answer the questions.

Edel’s result turned out to be LOGISTICIAN ISTJ-A

According to, ISTJ’s are practical and fact-minded, and their reliability cannot be doubted. I would say this is spot on for Edel. She is someone who has been brought up without emotion, only working with cold hard facts. She never makes mistakes and prides herself on being reliable.

The score is broken down into five sections: Mind, Energy, Nature, Tactics, and Identity.

For Mind, Edel scored 96% introverted. Again, this is what we would expect to see for someone like her, someone who is terrified of people and social interactions. Edel would rather pour acid in her eyeballs than go to a party, or even share a simple meal with people. We see countless times how she shies away from social situations and would prefer to sit alone staring at her bedroom wall than make conversation with a human.

On her energy, Edel scored 76% observant and only 24% intuitive. This should also come as no surprise, since observant individuals focus on what is happening around them, or what is likely to happen. Edel focuses on the information available to her and makes decisions based on the information that she can process with her senses.

For Nature, Edel scored a surprising 68% thinking and 32% feeling. I’ll be honest, I expected the difference to be much wider here and for the feeling score to be far lower than it is. Edel is known for her inability to process her emotions, so she scored far better here than I expected.

However; thinking individuals focus on objectivity and rationality, and they tend to dismiss emotions in favour of logic. If that doesn’t describe Edel, then I don’t know what does!

For tactics, Edel scored 97% judging and 3% prospecting. This should come as no surprise, since judging individuals are decisive and highly organised. They also prefer structure and predictability. Edel loves her routine, and she doesn’t like it when things upset the predictability of her life.

And finally, for the identity aspect, Edel scored 67% assertive and 33% turbulent. Now, if you’re familiar with Edel, maybe you are thinking that the assertiveness score is a little high, since she doesn’t come across as assertive. But according to, Assertive individuals are self-assured, even-tempered, and resistant to stress. I would definitely agree that this describes Edel. It also says that people who fall into this category refuse to worry too much and are self-confident when striving towards a goal.

Overall, I’d say this is a great sum-up of Edel’s personality. I’m not sure of the scientific accuracy of these types of tests, and this was done purely for fun. Why not take the test yourself and see how you fare?

You can find more information about the Almost Human series in my other blog posts, or you can find the books here.

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